Thursday, June 04, 2015

Dirty Thirty

I turned 30 today.

Another decade older, and a whole lot wiser? ....or not.

When I turned 29 last year, I was in a state of panic because I kept thinking about what I thought I should be as I approached my 30s, and how I was nowhere close to that. As the year went on, I think I slowly started accepting the fact that maybe I wasn't exactly where I thought was supposed to be at this age, but that's okay because I have a lot of good things going on in my life.

It's funny thinking about what the 20-year-old me expected life to look like at 30...I thought I would be working in magazine publishing, living in or have just finished a stint living in New York, married with a kid. I ended up moving to San Francisco, ditched the work in magazines plan (funny thing is that even though I said journalism was not for me after all, a big part of my current job guessed it, writing), and have no rush to have any kids anytime soon (although I keep biological clock is ticking!).

But when all is said and done, I feel incredibly lucky to be happy, healthy, to have had amazing experiences and opportunities come my way, and to be surrounded with incredible people who love and support me.

As I enter a new decade, I've started about how my life will look like when I turn 40. To be honest, I'm not really sure what 40 will look like. I'm sure it will be completely different than what I had in my mind.

But I'm ready for the new adventures, and all the experiences that this new decade will bring. Bring it, 30!
(and yes, I hope to start blogging again)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


it's always a bit of a conundrum: when i have the time and energy to scrap, i don't seem to have any ounce of creativity and end up pushing paper for 30 minutes before giving up. when i actually want to scrap and have creative ideas floating around in my brain, i don't have the time or energy.

since i have a ton of kits piling up that i've been itching to play with, i sucked it up and ignored my lack of energy and cranked these babies out.

as a side note, let's back up and talk about the lack of energy part for a second. i recently became hooked on breaking bad, and that show has been ruining my life the last month or so. i finally caught up to the current season, then proceeded to stay up til 4:30am and finished all six episodes. i'm too old for this late-night binge watching, so i was dying the next day, but this current season is cuh-raaaaazy. i don't even know what to do with myself now that i'm all caught up and have to wait a week like everyone else. siiiiigh. #firstworldproblems

Monday, September 02, 2013

hello september

well, howdy there, september. you sure snuck up on me and i am protesting the fact that you're here but i am excited for what you have to bring.

had a gloriously lazy labor day weekend, filled with plenty of gingersnap iced coffees from philz (my new obsession), picnics in the sunshine, top knots, the spectacular now (go see it - it was fantastic), TV shopping, sangrias, cheese, scrabble, BBQing, and gorgeous sunsets. september, you're off to a great start.

i am excited for what's coming up: the possibility of new opportunities and change, fantasy football, the playoff race in baseball (go dodgers!), lots of concerts, changing scenery, new creative ideas...lots up the sleeves.

september, i'm excite about what you've got in store for me.

Friday, August 30, 2013

florals, stripes, and mint

had a little bit of fun with my friend glen hanging out in the lower haight and taking pictures with some of these cool murals...

(cardi: old navy. tank: forever 21. pants: h&m. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21)

the weather has been a bit schizo here. that's summer in SF, i guess. part of me wants fall to start, because that's when it's actually warm out here. because the weather is schizo here, layers are a must.

i'm still in love with those mint pants. i scored them on sale at h&m for $10 - woot! that floral tank i've had for a couple years, but forgot about it, and then rediscovered it in my closet recently. i love that striped cardi it's on the thicker side and warm.

i love the lower haight. lots of fun restaurants and little dive bars, and these murals are super cool. and there is some cool, funky architecture too. i kinda wanna come back here for a shoot one day.

here are some of my shots, too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what i ate the last two weeks (+ giveaway winner)

last week completely got away from me - it's been busy, busy, busy. really though, this whole year seems to be getting away from me. can anyone believe it's september already next week?! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?

lots of exciting things happening next month, but first things first - what i've been eating the last two weeks!

left to right, from top:
tortilla soup from tacko (perfect lunch for when you're sick)
schnitzel + mashed potatoes from suppenkuche (one of my favorite restaurants in SF!)
eggplant parmigiana from olive garden (sometimes, i really really crave olive garden. don't judge)
spicy pork, tonight ramen, and seafood pancake from tonight soju bar
pork belly bun from chairman bao
chips + guac from la canasta (because you can never have too much guac, amiright?)
animal style cheeseburger + fries from in n out (seriously can't go wrong)
braised lamb sandwich (with avocado) from gregoire (this has become j and i's go-to spot for lunch)
carnitas special from juan's place (j has been talking about these carnitas for years, but our timing is never right - til now. oh man, they were tasty)

left to right, from top - 
stuffed spinach & mushroom pizza from zachary's (our go-to tailgating meal of choice)
turkey + avocado sub from marina submarine (because they add SO. MUCH. AVOCADO.)
baja style fish taco, nick's way from tacko (yes, i've gone here three weeks in a row)
strawberry & peach muffin + a latte from mavelous
mac & cheese from cowgirl creamery (almost as good as beecher's in seattle. almost)
deluxe sushi combo from miyuki

now that i've made myself hungry, here's the winner to jill sprott's scrapbooking from the soul workshop: yam!

yam, please send me an email (on the sidebar on the right), and i'll get your set right up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

what i ate this week

just a reminder that the giveaway for a spot to jill's scrapbooking from the soul workshop is still going on over here :)

i've noticed that many of my instagram photos (and really, most of my photos in general) are of what i eat. soooooo, i decided that i should compile all of these weekly and turn them into a blog post. go ahead, judge me all you want.

i now present to you -  what i ate the week of 8/5-11. (meant to post this monday, but i'd been under the weather)

left to right from top:
ahi tuna burger from gott's roadside
chicken & waffles (and latte) from beachside cafe
chicken pho from turtle tower
happy hour oysters from cafe des amis
carnitas street-style tacos from tacko
mitarashi dango from kissako tea
sweet corn and berry ice cream from smitten
garlic tenderous rib ramen from genki ramen
steak burrito from chipotle

Saturday, August 10, 2013

scrap binge + a giveaway

i was so honored to be able to contribute to jill's new workshop for two peas in a bucket, scrapbooking from the soul. jill has a beautiful way with words (and she makes amazing pages), so i knew her workshop would be amazing!

from the class description - 

As scrapbookers, we do not document life as passive observers -- we have the power to make meaning, sharing what matters in ways that matter. Join Garden Girl Jill Sprott for Scrapbooking from the Soul, a workshop that explores ways to embrace the “soul scrapper” within and infuse pages with layers of meaning.  

In this workshop, Jill shares a variety of approaches and strategies for how to become more invested in creating layouts that feel authentic to you as well as authentically you. The workshop emphasizes in particular the role that journaling plays in enhancing meaning and contributing to a sense of unity. 

To serve as a creative springboard and to help you expand your repertoire of strategies for journaling, the workshop is based on a series of challenges, each of which serves as a key, unlocking the possibilities of a page and making the idea of scrapbooking from the soul a more accessible concept.

If you would like to adopt a more thoughtful approach to your layouts, hone your journaling skills, and seek the “soul” within your scrapbooking, then this workshop was made for you.

jill has kindly offered up a free spot to her class for me to give away. leave a comment here by friday, august 16 and i will draw a winner!

in other news...i've been scrapping up a storm these last few weeks. this is good because i had barely touched a piece of paper in the last couple of months and i have all this year's worth of studio calico kits piling up (with another on the way). here are some things i've come up with lately...

i still have plenty left to kill, so i better get on that, i guess! (luckily, i have a free evening, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of episodes of breaking bad to watch).