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Thursday, January 15, 2009

folks from california can't live without their sun

^^ the above lyrics are soooooo true. (they're from starsailor)


they're opening a new chipotle near us, and today was a pre-grand opening party...which meant free burritos for all. the line was a bit long, but you can't go wrong with free chipotle, right?

so the other day, we drove by the americana, and i noticed a crumbs - but we were too lazy to turn back. i'd seen a photo of a crumbs cupcake once, and i remembered that they looked SCRUMPTIOUS. the next day, amy IMed me going "OMG, WHY WEREN'T YOU MORE PERSISTENT IN MAKING ME TURN BACK?!" apparently, she saw pictures of the cupcakes on yelp and wanted to go. so we did.


i also really liked these walls. i kinda wish my hair was cuter and that i wasn't posing with the cupcakes boxes. oh well.

fabulous day :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

he’s the only one that would think to tell it that way

orlando was amazing.

i'm still processing and reliving the past weekend - 33 of us from the designer digitals team gathered at disney world for 3 days. i'd met some of the girls before, but there were many more that i met for the first time that weekend.

being in florida and at disney world for the first time was fun, but what made the weekend truly special was the connection i felt with these women. we'd known each other online, but something truly magical happened when we all gathered and met "IRL." we're all so diverse - from different parts of the country (and even around the world!), and different ages, but none of that mattered. it's hard to explain and put into worlds, but i seriously had an amazing time.

unfortunately, i ended up passing through 6 airports and was on 5 planes in 6 days, so i came home absolutely exhausted (and came home quite upset because i lost my ipod on the plane. grrr). because of this, i still have to go through and edit most of my 600-ish photos (i am following through on my "take more pictures this year" goal, aren't i?) those will just have to be a separate post!

i probably should've stayed in florida for an extra day, and joined some of the girls who flew in on thursday...but i had to celebrate linda's birthday ;)

her, judy and kenneth flew up from so-cal to celebrate in san francisco. we had dinner and drinks at the poleng lounge, and everything was awesome...especially the sweet potato fries. and the sisig. and okay, well, everything. it was a fun evening - even though we hit traffic driving back to the east bay and got home at 12:30...the following morning, i made the boy drive me to the airport at 5:30. oh well, good times and worth it :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess

my days up here in the bay area have been quite eventful.

for the first time, i decided to fly virgin and fly into SFO instead of oakland, which was interesting. i walked into the terminal at LAX and almost missed the virgin counters because they were tables that looked like an information desk, then walked into the boarding area, which looked like a convention center.

then i was annoyed to discover that my flight was delayed for an hour. this was because of the crazy san francisco fog -

it took me longer than expected to get here, but after i did, off we went to zachary's...

tuesday, i decided to take advantage of free admission at the SF MOMA. they had some cool stuff, like lichenstein pieces -

they also had a room with these cool geometric mirror sculptures.

i swear i stood in front of these for about 20 minutes trying to get a cool reflected self-portrait of myself, but it didn't happen.

the special exhibit at the MOMA right now is participation art, and a part of that was the 1000 journals project. i was super excited to discover this, because about 2 summers ago, linda organized a circle journal group based on it. it was awesome to be able to see the originals, and partake in the project too (they had several journals taped up to the wall, and had a bunch of markers and colored pencils so you could add your own piece to the books).

i've been wandering the streets of berkeley a lot, and i love the fact that the trees still look like fall here. so pretty.

tonight is my last night here, but i'm excited because:
a) a couple of friends from home are flying up to celebrate linda's birthday, and we are going out tonight.
and b) i'm going to orlando tomorrow to hang out with the DD girls!! i'm looking forward to the warm'll be 20 degrees warmer than it is here right now. what i'm NOT looking forward to is my 6:50 a.m. flight...this morning, i realized that the sun isn't even out at that hour!

have a good one :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

should old acquaintance be forgot...

happy new year everyone! :) i can't believe it's 2009 already.

we rang in the new year in style with a party at a friend's house. the girls all dressed up in dresses and it was quite fun :)

one of my goals for this year is to take more pictures, since my picture taking count really dropped off towards the end of the year in 2008. so one of my plans is to start doing photo-a-day again. here's the first one -

my mom made traditional japanese osechi (new years food) and some other stuff for our family gathering yesterday.

here are a couple of my last layouts of 2008 -

this one was for the KI blog...shannon had a challenge to use leftover wrapping paper on a page.

this was my last playlist layout of the year - all done! i am totally doing them again this year!

2009 is gonna be a huge year for me, including one big change that is happening quite soon. i'll get into that in a future post.

for now, though, i've been eating way too much...and i'll be back up north in a few days to help celebrate linda's birthday, then i'll be off to florida to hang out with the DD girls! i think i'm looking forward to that part more :) lol.

have a good one :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

come with me my love to the sea

had quite a busy weekend thanks to the abundance of end-of-october birthdays. seriously, half my friends seem to be born in the end of october. craziness.

so we went out for crepes and such (not the same crepevine as the ones up north) for judy's birthday:

and then amy and cris had a joint birthday affair the next day. we created a personalized monopoly game for cris, and it was soooo much fun playing it. our version was quite hilarious :) i just wish i had better pictures, but oh well. i was too busy playing!

i've been busy scrapping the last week or two...i was in charge of coming up with this week's KI blog challenge. i decided to go with using teeny tiny photos :) hope you play along if you get a chance!

the studio calico reveal night festivities are in a few hours. of course, the kit is fabulous!

hope you join in for what should be some good times...and perhaps some fun surprises? maybe.

speaking of reveal are a couple more tiny little peeks :)

going up north next's been a few months. looking forward to some zachary's pizza :) plus, the boy and i have the best halloween costumes planned. woot. just hoping that it doesn't rain...but as i seem to always bring rain wherever i go, it's on the forecast. UGH.

have a good one :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

so many foreign roads for emma, forever ago.

* one: i was asked to be a guest designer for fiskars crafts. i loooove their new scallop squeeze punches! you can see the full layout here.

* two: it finally feels like fall here. i woke up saturday morning, kinda chilly, and wanted to stay in the covers forever. i haven't felt that way in a looooong time. it was a nice feeling :) i was able to break out the boots, hat, AND scarf this weekend. to celebrate, i bought myself a new sweater.

* three:

the dodgers! after looking quite pathetic in two games in philly, they had life tonight. here's to hoping they can crank out three more wins. i think they can ;)

* four: while hanging around old town pasadena with the girls, we walked in front of this:

so we knew we had to buy ourselves some....

and then we ate sarah palin. literally.

best. cupcakes. EVER. (not so much taste-wise...)

have a good one :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

you could have whatever you like

the new studio calico gallery went up last night!

of course, i'm going to have to say that the kit was amazing as usual. i know i sound like a broken record month after month...but it's true! i wish i had a chance to make more layouts with it!

anyways. took a quick little trip down to san diego this weekend. we played a little bit of rockband, walked around coronado and the la jolla cove, and did a lot of this:

....of course. and i had a ton of fun laughing about ridiculous things with them <3

have a good one :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

shake down, you make me break

the LA county fair opened today, so we took advantage of $1 admission and frolicked. we ate waaaay too much deep-fried food. in fact, almost everything we ate today was deep fried! we tried the deep-fried spam, which was new this year:

sampled some deep-fried oreos:

and had a deep-fried twinkie, which was a favorite of mine from last year:

unfortunately, they did not have the krispy kreme chicken sandwich this year (i surprisingly enjoyed it last year). boooo.

we also had an onion blossom (or blooming onion)...mmmm....

and a huge red velvet cupcake, which was soooo yummy.

i'd read in the paper that they had a new stand this year selling muffin-sized cupcakes. i thought this was the one, since the cupcakes were quite huge, but unfortunately, it wasn't. hopefully, they'll be there next year so i can hunt them down :)

we also wanted a big turkey leg and a deep-fried snickers, but we were all too full from all of the above. next time...

we hopped into a photo booth:

and of course, rode the ferris wheel:

'twas a fun day!

have a good one :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

i need light in the dark as i search for the resolution

first things first - here's one last tiny peek of the september studio calico kit -

the new memory makers masters were announced today - huge congrats to all!! you all are in for an AMAZING year! some of my favorites are in there :) but i can't believe it's already been a year since i got my call! craziness...time sure does keep flying.

anyways. the two angels fans in our group organized a little game outing tonight. by the end of next week, i will have been to 3 a's games, 1 angels game, and 0 dodger games...what?! (yeah, i need to get my butt over to dodger stadium, sheesh)

we went out for some delicious vietnamese food before the game...

the stadium hasn't changed a bit...

it happened to be free hat we all had angels caps. these two look adorable decked out in all their gear!

and she looked adorable with her rally monkey, too.

i suddenly had a craving for a chocolate malt, so i started hunting for them around the stadium with no luck. finally, we spotted the frozen lemonade/malt man...and after a bit of trouble trying to get his attention, i finally got my malt.

all of the girls...

and this is just to prove that i am still a dodgers fan, and have not converted into an angels fan!

so this will be my last post until i get up to norcal saturday night... i will be laptop-less again so i don't know if i'll check in much, but i'll try to post my studio calico LOs :) on the agenda is a date with jack johnson (...sort of. you know, with thousands of other people?), a quick trip to the lake again, another a's game, and i'm sure i'll be consuming ridiculous amounts of food as usual. we're starting to get predictable :) lol. i'll try to take more pictures than i did last time!

have a good one :)